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These images were done in only 16 colours, over 25 years ago on the original graphics computer. The amazing Amiga.In those days there were no graphic tablets, digitisers and scanners. Everything were drawn directly on the screen with a mouse. Also automatic antiliasing did not exist so I literally had to do it pixel by pixel. I thought I'll share it with you. There's more info on the graphic. Thanks for viewing.
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  • 09/01 2012
    Andre Alexander

    Thanks a lot for your continued support Willie. I really do appreciate it.
  • 04/01 2012
    Willie Kendrick III

    Awesome. How times have change. Your talent transend time and equipment.
  • 22/12 2011
    Andre Alexander

    Thanks Ken. You know how I appreciated your support. It's good to see that some artists care about what there peers are doing.
  • 19/12 2011
    Ken Morris

    Fantastic montage...
  • 12/12 2011
    Andre Alexander

    Thanks, Suraj for your most appreciative comment. You indeed flatter me.
  • 09/12 2011
    Suraj Roy

    You are Great!!!
  • 02/12 2011
    Andre Alexander

    Holly-Anne I'm flattered that you place me as a link in your gallery. Thanks !
  • 02/12 2011
    Andre Alexander

    It's been a while since I heard from you, Dale-Anne but it's wonderful to hear from you again. Thanks again for stopping. I appreciate your comments and support. The outback picture was a real challenge to do with only sixteen colours. Also I&#39
  • 02/12 2011
    Andre Alexander

    Thanks Andrew for stopping by and taking the time out to place a comment. It's much appreciated of course. Also thanks for the appreciation you show regarding my efforts.
  • 01/12 2011
    Holly-Anne Lloyd

    I hope you don't mind, I added you to my gallery link!
  • 01/12 2011
    Dale-Anne Peel

    It so interesting and amazing to see your works of art.5++++ We are so luck to have the technology that we have today.Your Aussie image is similar to one I did this Year when I learning illustrator.I will post it next and would love to hear what you thin
  • 01/12 2011
    Andrew Wells

    Like you, I have looked through your gallery Andre and love what I have seen. It's amazing work. Thanks for sharing it. This last collection, considering what it was produced on and how long ago, is amazing. How fresh it all looks. If I could 5 star y
  • 30/11 2011
    Andre Alexander

    Thanks again Andre for again placing a comment. It's worthwhile when some people out there show their appreciation for the work of fellow artist. Your support is most valued.
  • 30/11 2011
    Andre Alexander

    Thanks so much for your comment Holly-Anne. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to place a comment.
  • 30/11 2011
    Andre Alexander

    Thanks again, Russell especially for the appreciation of the time that went into creating these images. I was only very new to computer graphics then and one of the few of the "older" generations that embraced computer technology . I was about 42 then. Ba
  • 30/11 2011
    Andre Villanueva

    WOW!!!!!!!! That is some excellent work! I don't know how you managed to do such work with just a mouse. I remember our friend had an Amiga, and weloved playing those old Psygnosis games on it.
  • 28/11 2011
    Holly-Anne Lloyd

    I also think this is worthy of 5*s....mouse is how I create as I dont have a tablet.....but nothing like this......Excellent work!
  • 26/11 2011
    Russell M. Hossain

    It's amazing that the technology we take for granted did not exist years ago, still with a seemingly cumbersome mouse, you this series of amazing artwork Andre - Outstanding! I've never mastered drawing with a mouse, and I dare say I never will!