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Snow Leopard's Fantasy by Jane Eden

Painted this using Wacom Intuos3 tablet and pen in Photoshop CS4. As I painted a story came to mind, hope you like it ... ~The mother led her cub high up into the mountains overlooking the Ice Kingdom, she always felt safe there. The clouds were gathering together forming a mass that would soon cover the blue moon that lit up the mountains making everything shimmer silver blue. She feared her cub would scare easily in the darkness especially after nearly being taken by a bear further down the mountain! She need not have feared because as soon as they had settled on one of the highest peaks, a sacred blue bird, called a 'lantern carrier' came near to them, and would stay until the baby cub was fast asleep, it shone a light and this was all it needed to do, and was treasured within the enchanted land ~
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