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Hey everyone, Here is one of my latest works that I had recently finished. I know there are gazillions of fairy images and some people are tired of seeing them but I actually don't have any in my gallery so I wanted to paint at least one winged fantasy female for my portfolio and lets face it, they are fun and pretty to paint. She is not a fairy actually she is a rare butterfly that can only be spotted in this secrete place. I had a lot of fun painting all of those little budgies in the background as well as the Macaw. They are some of my favorite birds. I have two pet budgies, which are chirping like crazy right now Painted using Photoshop and Painter. Here is a close-up as well http://www.cellesriaart.com/exotic-butterfly-by-Tanya-Wheeler-close-up.jpg I hope you all like it and thanks for taking a look
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  • 03/10 2010
    Tanya Varga (formerly Tanya Wheeler)

    Wow, thank you so much, that's a wonderful compliment :)
  • 25/09 2010
    laura silvester

    this jumped straight out at me from the top rated images page. It's amazing :) I want to be this good :)
  • 05/08 2010
  • 05/08 2010
    Ida Larsen

    gorgeus work :)
  • 01/08 2010
    Tanya Varga (formerly Tanya Wheeler)

    Thank you all so much for all of your kind feedback on my work. This really means so much to me. :)
  • 23/07 2010
    Dominika Blackcat

    You have real talent and great ability to transfer what you have inside of you. I admire your wonderful works.:)
  • 22/07 2010
    Andre Alexander

    Great work Tanya. Your composition use of light and color is very good. I especially like the way you balance the warm light on the right with the blue waterfall on the right. Great work as usual.
  • 10/07 2010
    Bengt Albert Robstad

    Don't be silly. You can never have too much fairie pictures. As i have stated on a few others fairy pictures, Tinker bell was my very first love so i adore fairies. This image is very good, she seems a bit more adult then the other ones Ive seen so fa
  • 19/05 2010
    Tanya Varga (formerly Tanya Wheeler)

    Thank you so much for all of your kind words. I'm so glad you like this image :)
  • 17/05 2010
    jason clark

    hay tanya, what a mst wounderful image, I love your color work, the worm and cool tones make it such a magical image, and te detail, I could sit here for hours, very nice work as always;)
  • 26/04 2010
    Tanya Varga (formerly Tanya Wheeler)

    Thank you very much :)
  • 13/04 2010
    mayan tentacle

    Very beautiful and mystical ( 5stars)
  • 08/04 2010
    Tanya Varga (formerly Tanya Wheeler)

    Thank you so much lupitta for your kind words :)
  • 08/04 2010
    Tanya Varga (formerly Tanya Wheeler)

    Thank you so much Sarah, I'm glad you like the image :)
  • 12/03 2010
    guadalupe platero

    I specially love the reflected light on her....is incredible well done. 5
  • 11/03 2010
    Sarah Haras

    hi Tanya, i love your fairy, it's a beautiful painting and all the details in the picture are great :)
  • 10/03 2010
    Tanya Varga (formerly Tanya Wheeler)

    Thank you so much Hobi for your kind feedback on my work :) I'm glad you think she's unique because I wanted her to be. I wanted to paint a more exotic female character design for this piece.
  • 10/03 2010
    Tanya Varga (formerly Tanya Wheeler)

    Thank you so much Alan for your kind comments. :)
  • 10/03 2010
    Tanya Varga (formerly Tanya Wheeler)

    Thank you so much Jack. I'm glad you like it
  • 10/03 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...stunning detail and viverant color are definately the keys on this work Tanya. And just a note, a subject only gets "tired" and over done, if it's not done uniuqlely or unimaginitively. 5+
  • 10/03 2010
    Alan Tye

    Very colorful, great composition & lighting!! Beautifully painted!! 5*