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"...so, there you are. This is really a rare opportunity ya know?! A moonlit moment which mortals are uncommonly privileged to be a part of. And dare I say it, lest an omen be upon you...very few have survived similar times." "It is in this, the hour, this snapshot in time, that Death's decadent, yet bitter-sweet desires, beg "Vampi" out for venture. Drawn away from her seclusion and safety of the dark throne...pulled into strangely familiar shadows of the cursed abyss, called night." "She's raised her hand to summon dark and silent minions. They, will most certainly and faithfully, guide her tonight, and, be her ONLY witnesses of crimson sacrifices made". This is "mixed-media" work, completed using Corel X and Daz 3 Modeling. ****PUBLISHED IN FXPOSE' on IFX ISSUE #64 cd. Thank you for indulging my imagination, and as always, your visit and comments are greatly welcome.
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LicenseAll Rights Reserved
GenreSciFi / Fantasy
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SoftwareCorel Painter

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  • 31/12 2013
    suman sun

    Your article swept me away with its vast information and great writing. Thank you for sharing your views with such passion. I like your views This was a really outstanding post. In theory I would like to compose like this too - taking time and real effort
  • 09/01 2012
    Steve Stanley

    ...she IS!!! (great) Vampirella was actually how I fell in love with fantasy style art. Thanks for the strong support here.
  • 08/01 2012
    Kathy Ferrell

    Love it, love it! Mighty mighty cool! I've got a "Vampi" I need to complete, isn't she great?!
  • 14/07 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ..the seduction continues. Ahh, Kenmo..the smell of your plasma is so sweet and full of the vital life I need, thank you.
  • 13/07 2011
    Ken Morris

  • 12/07 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...so, where'd ya go "B" man? I checked in on the gallery and saw you had noted several works, then poof..as quickly as you come, you were gone again. I appreciated the insightful feedback. Today, it's gone...booger. Just wanted to note you were h
  • 24/06 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...well now, been some time since I've seen you Wicker. And am happy to have your parusal and positive input.
  • 24/06 2011
    Willie Kendrick III

    5*. Great work as always.
  • 24/05 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...I am sooo pleased to have your visit MandyCka and supporting comments, Thank you. I tried to capture childhood recollections of the character as she has been a long time fave. Thanks again.
  • 24/05 2011
    MandyCka Johnson

    Amazing work! You're very talented!
  • 29/04 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ..just noted the absence of a couple talents that posted worthy posts to this and other works in my gallery. Makes me sad they have left. But it needs saying such fine talents like Jack and Derek will be missed.
  • 06/09 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...great to have such a positive input Tattoo. Really labored on this one and was challenged greatly with the lighting, so, thanks for the support.
  • 04/09 2010
    Bob Taylor

    this is brillant,, the shading is spot on,, nice work
  • 13/07 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...yoh Derek! Man, what a priviledge to see your talented face around these gallery parts. Ya Know it's really good to have the positive feedback posted....man, I'm really greatful. My whole intent in posting a piece is to place something in the g
  • 13/07 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...so, no one is immue eh Dragonbeast? So good to have the positive input on this work bud. It was a labor of, uh, love. Yeah, that's it! (lol) seriously, can't tell you how much I am a fan of the Vamp. And how I tried to play homage to the histor
  • 10/07 2010
    Derek Burns

    Excellent piece Hobbie. I don't know why I haven't noticed this piece before. It's a very dark, menacing, yet sultry piece of work. Nice one and keep up the good work.
  • 10/07 2010
    Bengt Albert Robstad

    Yes mistress...I will obey. Aaaarggghhhh :P Excellent work..... again I wish i could make art like this. :( Big 5
  • 21/06 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...indeed Ata. Again, welcome and thanks for your never-ending and outstanding support and inspirations.
  • 11/06 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...an insightful perspective Andre. The possibilities these enhancements suggest are great views I had not given thought too prior. The process of creating this work obviously overlooked some details you have pointed out. Thank you, on every level.
  • 11/06 2010
    Andre Alexander

    Great image, Steve, however and I hope you don't mind me saying this, but I think if the skull was a different color to the seat she's sitting on, it would have enhanced the image even more. also, maybe a few sparkles and highlights on the liquid
  • 27/05 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...really preciate cha D. Always a pleasure to have your accolades brother.
  • 27/05 2010
    Soevad Creative Media

    amazing work as always! 5
  • 27/05 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...the fact you noted the difficulty of the perspective and the challenges it proposed Daruma, gives me what I need to strive harder. I've been really trying stretch beyond a comfort zone and try more work like it. Thank you for giving me the support,
  • 25/05 2010
    Jeremy Murphy

    Damn, that's a really great piece you've got there. That perspective couldn't have been easy to pull off. Seriously great work! 5*
  • 21/05 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...hey Alan, ain't seen ya's a bit dude, but look in on your gallery often. Guess I need to step up my "production line" and get more finished works into the gallery to see more visits eh? (lol, it's all good) In any case brother, appreciate t
  • 21/05 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...indeed Tolagunestro. So cool of you to say so, and Thank you so much. (by the way, congrats on the POW)
  • 21/05 2010
    alan clark

    fantastic image great imagination and composition. excellent work. 5+
  • 20/05 2010
  • 19/05 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...ahh, soothing complementarianism from one of my fave gallery holders...thank you so much Heather. I too struggle with the prose, hence why it is included. It's one of those things I'm weak in, so I work harder at it, to try and overcome the we
  • 18/05 2010
    Heather Nicholson

    Great art and prose Steve, I've always found your comments on the sight great fun to read and very well written, I'm a bit dyslexic, so have a few problems with the written word, well actually spelling is my biggest bugbear. Anyway great work and
  • 17/05 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...really great to hear from you Jason. As always, appreciate the generous comments and supportive feedback. It also a pleasure to share it back on your work, as it is really showing growth regularly. May I add, sometimes it's good to take a breather
  • 17/05 2010
    jason clark

    hell yer a new image! very nice work here buddy, she looks so seductive in both face and body, what she is sitting on is beautifully rendered, allso the backdrop of the moon and creatures just wounderful, as always a great image! keep them coming friend,
  • 14/05 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ..thank ya Raven. I thought the scene could get an extra boost by writing an accompanying story background. By the way, the lizards name is "Ralph". (lol) Seriously, let my also say, love the new Avatar!
  • 14/05 2010
    David Neaves

    Love it! Steve, picture and prose, great imagination and composition.
  • 14/05 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...uhmm. I'm truly warm now Barbi. (lol) thank you for your genuine endorsements. And, been meaning to add you add as a favorite for some time, but keep forgetting too. It's a long overdue petition, and a shining gem in my collection.
  • 14/05 2010
    Barbi Buchanan

    by the way - thanks for the link-very humbled from such an amazing artist as yourself!! :-) hugs and all that jazz!!!
  • 14/05 2010
    Barbi Buchanan

    Sexy!! WOW!! one of your best :-) Oh Hobie- a man after my own heart! love it...thanks for the visit!!!
  • 13/05 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ..thank ya bud. Every time I reach out of my comfort zone am surprised by the achievements.
  • 13/05 2010
    Alan Tye

    Terrific job on this one Steve! 5*
  • 13/05 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...appreciate your supportive words Moensja, and thank you too Jack. I may have gotten over ambitious. She's taken a lot of time. Seems I've been picking away on this since February. Yet, with positive feedback, like yours, it makes it worth it in