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"...and "X" never marks the spot"-Indiana Jones. A mixed media piece (airbrush, charcoals, pastels and blenders) originally done in 08'. Recently retouched to add lighting direction(s). Your visit and comments are welcome and appreciated.
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  • 18/06 2014
    Ken Morris

    Brilliant work....
  • 24/06 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...indeed Wicker, and "the dog? You were name after the dog? Indiana-I loved that dog". I'm such a fan, and tried to get it just right. Glad to have the confirmation of a job well done. Thanks again.
  • 24/06 2011
    Willie Kendrick III

    Nice work. One of my favorite quotes. I like the lighting on his face.
  • 07/01 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...tis an honor to have you say so Mark. As with anyone, each work becomes a labor of love, including getting the essence of each subject conveyed properly. The "Earthy Tones" that make Indiana Jones were very important to communiate, and your positive fe
  • 06/01 2011
    adu jerda

    Amazing piece of art. Colourwork in this piece is top class
  • 16/10 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...appreciate the "thumbs up" Ata.
  • 29/09 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...appreciate you soooo much too Barbi. I am grateful for the "WOW' as it boosts my mood (and ego a mite :) )
  • 29/09 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...ahhh, sooothing words of support from mah boy Dave. Thanks, thanks, and thanks again kind sir.
  • 28/09 2010
    Barbi Buchanan

    WOW!! Amazing work as always :)
  • 13/09 2010
    Soevad Creative Media

    great piece Steve. love the brush work
  • 20/08 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...hey there Lunarsparks, been awhile, and good to have your visit. Thanks for the supportive and constructive words, they serve as a reward here. My toughest challenge is lighting and your thoughts certainly encourage me. Thanks again.
  • 19/08 2010
    Leigh Sparks

    Love how you've done the lighting coming from above as well as the subtle illumination from below.
  • 18/08 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ..how refreshingly observant and complimentary of you Daruma! To say the least, I am flattered to even have been in a sentence or reference along with such a great as Sargent. Wow, thanks for the high marks.
  • 18/08 2010
    Jeremy Murphy

    Really great stuff Hobie! That skin tone is beautiful. I love how it looks like the brush strokes get looser the further away they get from the focal point. Reminds me of the way Sargent would force your eye to a focal point. 5*!
  • 12/08 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ....just tellin it like I see Jason, just tellin it like I see it. :)
  • 12/08 2010
    jason clark

    steve! I am smiling from ear to ear! what a comment! commentss like that are what make me work harder! thankyou so much steve this really means a lot to me, having your support is great! I get it now! a cleaver man you are steve! very cleaver you are!
  • 11/08 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...not really sure where the "Z" bailed too bud!? He's not been on the site, or, posted anything in quite some time. Far as my postings there, it just seems redundant, as this site has essentially taken things up to the next level. Once the mag went
  • 11/08 2010
    jason clark

    steve you are never on painter website anymore? really random, but do you know where zenar went? he has a coke can as his aviator?
  • 01/08 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...apprecite the vcompliments and support Jack. Lighting has long been a major challenge, and you, as well as others, have encouraged me, thanks again.
  • 22/07 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...really appreciate the stop in Karin and all the supportive commentary too. It always makes me curious about another artists gallery when I get a comment, so, visited yours. Must say you have an eye for color and putting a different touch to the normal
  • 20/07 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...appreciate cha LeAnne. Always look forward to the visit from you and into your latest gallery postings too.
  • 20/07 2010
    LeeAnne Kortus

    Wow! Fantastic work, Steve!! I love it!
  • 19/07 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...yeeea. Your wonderful Lupitta, not to mention an incredibly talented artist. I appreciate cha's.
  • 19/07 2010
    guadalupe platero

  • 18/07 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...and a Grand Thank You MrPaint. And a nod to your "Africa" work. Niiiicely done.
  • 17/07 2010
    stefano fiore

    This is great!!!! my vote 5+!!!
  • 16/07 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...(lol), thanks MoonMama, the mixed media bag got a work out on this one. Truly appreciate the visit, comments and support.
  • 16/07 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...hey Alan, thanks bunches buddy. It was a challenge to cast the atmos, but a satisfactory outcome, and I'm grateful for your support.
  • 16/07 2010
    Pat Brennan

    Great use of ALL the mediums available to us starving artists. Well done Hobie.
  • 16/07 2010
    alan clark

    so life like exlenlent work and great atmosphere in the image
  • 08/07 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...a true supporter and helpful friend Jason. Your comments are always so appreciated and taken to heart. Thanks as always.
  • 07/07 2010
    jason clark

    steve this is great! I love the worm colors of his face against the background color! textures in the jacket and hat are fantastic! really well painted friend.
  • 05/07 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...hey Russell, appreciate the look see and comments. And the answer to your question isyes, Indy of Crystal Skull timeline.
  • 04/07 2010
    Russell M. Hossain

    This is great Steve, you really capture Harrison's grizzled look! Am I right in thinking this is an image of Indy circa Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?
  • 03/07 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...ahhh Heather, you're a girl after mah wifes own heart. Collista Lockhart on the other hand would disagree. But, either way, your a Gem of a Dear for commenting so positvely on the piece, and I thank you, very, very, very...very, much.
  • 02/07 2010
    Heather Nicholson

    Nice work. Love the brush strokes on this piece, and the way you've delt with the backgroud. Pity your subject matter is so unattractive, purely a personal opinion! :)
  • 02/07 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ..good eye there Raven. I appreciate the insight. The darker around the eyes was concidered, yet, the light is coming from the lower right and upper right. Truth is lighting is still a toughy for me. I used PS Elements to assist. Really good to have the i
  • 01/07 2010
    David Neaves

    Great brushwork Steve, I would have put a bit more shadow under the eyelids myself, but you know where the light is coming from. it,s still a good 5.
  • 30/06 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...good too have your kind words Alan. I couldn't help but browse your works and add your gallery among my faves. Nice work.
  • 30/06 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...ahh, a warm and glowing crit Andre. Very appreciated sir.
  • 29/06 2010
    Alan Tye

    Nice one Steve.
  • 29/06 2010
    Andre Alexander

    You're getting better with every work, Steve. I really like the way you blend the different colors. Also like the approach to the back drop. Well done again.