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Anesidora; ie: Pandora-"she who sends up gifts, from below within the earth" According to the myth, she opened a jar, in modern accounts mistranslated as a box. She is responsible for releasing all the evils of mankind. Originally began in 2008 and recently re-visited, this is a "mixed-media" work; airbrush, blenders, charcoal, and pastels, in Corel X, and the flooring effect in PSE. Thank you for indulging my imagination, and as always, your visit and comments are greatly welcome.
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  • 15/07 2013
    Ken Morris

    Very, very nice....
  • 25/08 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...good to see you again LeeAnne. And really appreciate the open viewing and comments involved with Anesidora. She is part of an ongoing series of similiar poses I continue to contribute to. It's good to have the pat on the back for the effort here, r
  • 25/08 2011
    LeeAnne Kortus

    Wow! I haven't been on here in a while, you have put up some amazing work! Love this, great work...really dig the grecian style! This has great atmosphere and the background is terrific...love the faces in the smoke! Fantastic stuff!!!
  • 24/06 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...appreciate saying so Wicker. The backgrounds are always the toughest to pull off for me, as I wrestle with just the right fit on each work I do. You have encouraged me to keep up the efforts as they have been and strive to get better. Thanks again.
  • 24/06 2011
    Willie Kendrick III

    Fantastic detail. I love your backgrounds in your paintings.
  • 07/01 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...looking forward to the new posts Jason. As always see vast improvements and growth. Your comments are, as usual very appreciated.
  • 06/01 2011
    jason clark

    hay buddy, has been a while since I up dated. lots and lots of paintings I have, just give me a couple weeks to update lol. Wow I ccould reach out and touch that dress of hers the material that is atched to her my god is painted so well, so soft so elegan
  • 31/10 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...good to have your feedback Andre. And it's always positive input too, and I really appreciate it.
  • 25/10 2010
    Andre Alexander

    Most excellent work,Steve. Just love the time you put into the detail. Great backdrop and you've done a astounding job on the gown. Well done as usual.
  • 16/10 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...so grateful, Mr Ata, as always, you are so faithful in your support, thank you.
  • 29/09 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ..thank you, my dear Barbi. Better now, than never. And may I additionally note another thanks for your faves in my gallery at Deviant.
  • 28/09 2010
    Barbi Buchanan

    soory for the late thank you on my butterfly work-so THANKS! By the way this is excellent work as always 5*****
  • 13/09 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...appreciated maximally Dave!
  • 13/09 2010
    Soevad Creative Media

    excellent stuff Steve! 5
  • 11/09 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...thanks soooo much Heather. I always appreciate the input, and in this case, i'm especially grateful. As the smoke was the intentional focus of the movement and flow to this piece. Glad this pleases so much.
  • 10/09 2010
    Heather Nicholson

    Great work Steve! This piece has a great feeling of movement and flow :)
  • 10/09 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...so good of you to drop in again Daruma, and with the supportive eye, as always. Thank you so much. I was hoping the subtlties, and focus of the work was obvious enough to grab the eye. You confirm it is. Thanks again bud.
  • 08/09 2010
    Jeremy Murphy

    Wow, another great image! I've gotta say that smoke is really impressive. The way it is so well defined from it's source and then less so as it dissipates around the floor. Really well though out stuff! 5*
  • 06/09 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...thanks, as always Raven, your teriffic supporter and the simple feedback always comes at the right time.
  • 04/09 2010
    David Neaves

    Beautiful! Steve, love the colours and the movement 5.
  • 04/09 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...glad you noted the added attention I put in the faces. I'd hoped they weren't to subtle.
  • 04/09 2010
    Steve Stanley

    ...greatly appreciate the attention to that aspect of the pic tattoo. And thanks for the upbeat approval of the piece.
  • 03/09 2010
    Alan Tye

    Excellent work Steve!! Like the subtle faces in the smokey potion.
  • 03/09 2010
    Bob Taylor

    love how you did the flowing gown,, nice work