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Early Portfolio Work - Fontania by Steve Stanley

"...as each wave washes over her, she can put aside the responsibilties of the world she knows below." An image circa 2008 attempting to show my passion for mermaid myth and legend. The goal then was to try and create a translucent-fish-eel skin. On the the down side, the sea-foam lacked the effect I was after. Digital airbrush and blenders in Corel X. I truly appreciate your visit to my gallery and invite you to view the other entries too. Any comments or crits you would like to leave, are welcome, as they help me to grow. © 2008 Steve Stanley
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GenreSciFi / Fantasy
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  • 05/01 2012
    Steve Stanley

    ...well Kenmo, your gracious and simple comment is astoundingly encourarging, thank you.
  • 05/01 2012
    Steve Stanley

    ....thank you Anna.
  • 22/12 2011
    Ken Morris

  • 06/10 2011
  • 25/08 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...you're kindness is inspiring LeeAnne, thank you so much.
  • 25/08 2011
    LeeAnne Kortus

    Love this, Steve!! Excellent work!
  • 24/06 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...thanks sooo much Wicker. Debated about re-working this one still, as the foam could be improved, but, haven't gotten around to it. Really appreciate your nice comments.
  • 24/06 2011
    Willie Kendrick III

    Another great piece. Nice choice of colors. Beautiful rendering.
  • 19/05 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...always enjoy seeing you have found your way back through the gallery and left your post. Thanks, kiddo...and hope all is well.
  • 19/05 2011
    Heather Nicholson

    HI steve COULD HAVE SWORN ';d COMMENTED ON THIS PIECE AGES AGO, but obviously not. Love the pallet. such a wet looking image if you see what I mean. Great work. Apologies for all the typos and hitting caps lock, but I can no longer see what I'm ty
  • 29/04 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...nice feedback Lunar. I appreciate all of it greatly. The attempt on the arm to be inside the wave does give the illusion of a shortened perspective. The lighting of the hand you mention never occured to me until you pointed it out, wow, thanks. I agree
  • 28/04 2011
    Leigh Sparks

    I like the idea of a mermaid calming herself in the waves a lot. The water is looking real nice too. If I had critique to give it would be on the length of her arm. It appears a little short from the elbow to the hand. It may in fact be the lighting o
  • 16/04 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...yo Ja' Son!! Good to hear from you dude. Thanks for the thumbs up, and the same on your growth dude. Awesome and killer goods you have churned out.
  • 16/04 2011
    jason clark

    ooooo look at those waves! the detail hear is astounding. very soft and the detail in the hair!! keep em coming buddy
  • 15/04 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...thanks KarIN, as always, your comments and input are appreciated. I agree with you regarding seeing it in my minds eye and transferring what it to canvas. I was satisfied with the feel of the movement here, but not so much with the foam. It came off mo
  • 01/04 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...a well thought out, non condecending critique is always well received Andre'. Your input is well intended, thank you. Water, as with all of our worlds natural items are difficult to reproduce accurately. It has been a challenging road, and will con
  • 01/04 2011
    Andre Alexander

    This is a well conceived piece, Steve but I hope you don't mind me giving a little advice. The top of the wave below the foam needs to be translucent to give the transparency of water a more realistic texture. I realize that water is not easy to paint
  • 20/03 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...always nice to see your wise and kind words Rave, thank you. Will continue to endeavor.
  • 18/03 2011
    David Neaves

    I like the water in this, like the figure it,s well painted, as for the sea foam this is very difficult to get right, I think the best way is to study some sea scape artist,s. 5**
  • 10/03 2011
    Steve Stanley

    your visit to my gallery is appreciated. And I invite you to view the other entries. Any comments or crits you would like to leave, are welcome, as they help me to grow.