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Done in Illustrator. Please click on it to view larger image. Thanks for viewing. For any Elvis admires out there, this image is now available as a t-shirt. For details contact me at my email address: mamre.andre@gmail.com
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  • 15/02 2014
    Andre Alexander

    Thanks Trey for your most encouraging comments. Really appreciated
  • 15/02 2014
    Andre Alexander

    Thanks for the kind comments Franjo.
  • 29/08 2011
    Andre Alexander

    Thanks so much, LeeAnne for your support on this image. It took a while as I'm not much good at portraits. I always wanted to pay tribute to the most amazing talent I know of.
  • 25/08 2011
    LeeAnne Kortus

    Wow! This is wonderful!! excellent work my friend! All hail to the King!! :-)
  • 04/08 2011
    Andre Alexander

    Thanks Ken again, for visiting and commenting on my efforts. Your comment is valued and appreciated.
  • 04/08 2011
    Andre Alexander

    Thanks Andre for taking the time to place a comment. It's much appreciated.
  • 02/08 2011
    Ken Morris

    Excellent work....love it...
  • 30/07 2011
    Andre Villanueva

    Wow, good job in Illustrator!! It reminds me I need to practice that program...
  • 26/06 2011
    Andre Alexander

    Thanks so much for your most encouraging words Russel. Coming from an accomplished talent such as you is most rewarding indeed. I haven't been around much myself lately as I was doing some casual work. Unfortunately it wasn't in the graphics field
  • 21/06 2011
    Russell M. Hossain

    This is brilliant Andre, sorry I missed this as I've been away for a long while. Love the strand of hair and the softness and lighting of his features. it is incredible and inspiring that you are able to produce such a naturalistic image with a progra
  • 05/05 2011
    Andre Alexander

    Thanks Suraj, for stopping by and place a comment. I really appreciate the comment of a fellow artist .
  • 03/05 2011
    Suraj Roy

    Beautifully executed.5*****
  • 27/04 2011
    Andre Alexander

    Thanks again Nick for the compliment. As always it's much appreciated. Believe me I'm not a natural portrait artist. I really struggle to get a likeness let alone make it alive and let the personality to come thru. David Cole, now he's very pr
  • 27/04 2011
    Andre Alexander

    Thanks again Dave for your support. Coming from a very clever pro like you is quite a compliment.
  • 27/04 2011
    Nick Oldham

    Have now added Happy Couple image...
  • 27/04 2011
    Nick Oldham

    NOT MUCH GOOD T DOING PORTRAITS!!!.. Rubbish, youre an absolute NATURAL Andre..keep'em coming..are you doing any 'Royal Wedding" things..might do one myself tonight and post up tomorrow
  • 26/04 2011
    Soevad Creative Media

    love the color, style....well done 5
  • 26/04 2011
    Andre Alexander

    Thanks, Patricia. Your thoughts for me over the Easter celebrations is much appreciated. If the world will only realize what an incredible and amazingly supernatural happening in the history of mankind we are celebrating during Eater, they may come to the
  • 20/04 2011
    Andre Alexander

    Thanks for popping around to my gallery again,Nick. I really do value your support. I actually did the portrait to enter a competition but afterwards found out it was only for American artists. They liked it enough to post it on their website so I was thr
  • 19/04 2011
    Nick Oldham

    Hi Andre, not been on for a while, see youre still busy..excellent piece of Illustrator work here..keep 'em coming! cHeers Nick
  • 19/04 2011
    Andre Alexander

    Regarding my Devian Art portfolio page; I can't understand what's going on there. I need to contact them.
  • 19/04 2011
    Andre Alexander

    Thanks again for you supportive comment, Patricia. I didn't time how many hours it took me but believe me it took me quite a while to do, that's why I really appreciate it if someone takes the time to place a comment.
  • 17/04 2011
    Andre Alexander

    The whole image took me a while, Jason. I'm not much good at portraits so I'm happy it turned out okay. Thanks again for your support. As usual is highly valued.
  • 16/04 2011
    jason clark

    hay andre its been a while I do apoplogise! hope all is well. ooo loving the new art works buddy. this image is very soft, the detail in the hir must have taken you a while. keep em coming
  • 15/04 2011
    Andre Alexander

    Thanks again Kari for your support. It took me a while.
  • 15/04 2011
    Andre Alexander

    Thanks for your most positive comment, David. As I mentioned before, I'm not much good at portraits so I was hoping to get it right.
  • 14/04 2011
    David Neaves

    I like this Andre, with the bold colours the mouth, eyes and hair it,s a perfect Elvis. 5**