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"...guided here by prophecy, Sori' acknowledges this is where she will establish the Temple of Illumini. The Holy of Holy's, will rise again, here!" An experimental venture using airbrush, chalk and "magic hose" in Corel X, as well as modeling in Daz 3D/Poser. Thank you for your visit, and any comments you care to leave.
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GenreSciFi / Fantasy
Work In ProgressNo
SoftwareCorel Painter

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  • 11/03 2014
    Pedro Romero

    Amazing job, your a great Artits.
  • 15/07 2013
    Ken Morris

  • 16/08 2012
    Steve Stanley

    ...has been a long while since I've been able to access my site Dave, had a hack in old email and finally reset. In any case, wanted to thank you for the comments and support and am working on uploading lates pieces soon.
  • 08/06 2012
    Soevad Creative Media

    woe... didn't know i commented earlier on this piece, great work Steve!
  • 08/06 2012
    Soevad Creative Media

    Great mode Steve, love the depth in tones to the background. Excellent!
  • 08/03 2012
    Steve Stanley

    ...more adulation, ahh, thank you again Sarah. It is truly gratifying to have someone reach out and give the gift of appreciation. It is a humbling and wonderful compliment.
  • 08/03 2012
    Sarah Haras

    Fantastic painting, again i might say. love the way everything points to the girl in the middle. Very well done :)
  • 25/01 2012
    Steve Stanley

    ...thank you Ian, I'm very grateful for the observation and time you took to leave your comments.
  • 25/01 2012
    Ian Vicknair

    nice light and shadow
  • 03/11 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...appreciate the comments Daruma. Spiritual transcendence and enlightenment was intended to be displayed in a far less common setting than we generally think of. Thanks again for noticing.
  • 02/11 2011
    Jeremy Murphy

    I like this one, you can feel the heavy mood to it. Nice work!
  • 25/08 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...another thanks for the visit and honest feedback LeeAnne. Every word is treasured and greatly appreciated.
  • 25/08 2011
    LeeAnne Kortus

    Fantastic work! I love the greens in this, great work on the lighting of the figure...excellent detail!!
  • 22/08 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...aahhh, you're such a flatterer MizzDraconia....don't stop. (lol) I seriously appreciate the time you took to stop in and observe, and most of all, leave your words of support. Thanks again...hope to see you again, soon.
  • 21/08 2011
    Ida Larsen

    stunning work! I love it :)
  • 12/08 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...really appreciate the encouraging support of the work Wicker. I've been in a blocked period for awhile, but endeavor on with kindness such as yours.
  • 11/08 2011
    Willie Kendrick III

    Fantastic work Steve. Great illustration for the story. Great job combining Corel, Daz and poser.
  • 12/07 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...you're always good to me Jason, thanks for your kind words of support. Good to know my work is appreciated.
  • 12/07 2011
    jason clark

    hiya buddy, mmm very nice indeed! the detailing in the leaves and branches is stunning, love the coor pallet and depth of field keep it up sir!
  • 09/07 2011
    Steve Stanley

    Ellen, I'm grateful to have your kind words. The translation came through wonderfully, again, Obrigado (thank you in Brazillian Portugese)
  • 09/07 2011
    Ellen Allmye

    Hello Steve, thanks for visiting ... I came to appreciate his work and is truly magnificent ... you have a great gallery here ... this image is very inspiring ... note that it is concerned with the twigs, as if to take care of the forest ... Congratulatio
  • 22/06 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...appreciate your thoughtful and complimentary post Horus. I debated for the longest time if this one would ever be finished. If it would ever be up to my self-set standards. Then, I realized it had been overthought and just needed some last minute touch
  • 21/06 2011
    Russell M. Hossain

    Steve, I honestly think this one of my favourite pieces of art of yours> Brilliantly painted, and a wonderful tone and mood. You clearly have a talent for rendering organic matter such as landscapes, trees and water and I hope I can take a leaf out of you
  • 01/06 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ..."wow" is good!! ;) Thanks Kmo.
  • 01/06 2011
    Ken Morris

    Wow...most impressive...
  • 26/05 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ..good to see you again Alan, been awhile. Good to see your work too. Thanks for your supportive comments brother man.
  • 26/05 2011
    Alan Tye

    Great piece Steve!! Like the lighting, shadows, and overall feel of it. Very well done as usual. 5*
  • 20/05 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...thanks again for the look-see Heather. "Thorns" were fun to play in, for a change. They are the no pain, no blood version...yay (lol) Hope you enjoy the bigger version as much.
  • 19/05 2011
    Heather Nicholson

    Absolutely brilliant Steve. I understand exactly how you composed this image, even have the thorns myself :) Will admire the colours on my big screen tomorrow - I'm squinting at the screen on my hubby's cyan-cast laptop. Anyway, great work, 5* :)
  • 16/05 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...wat up Big "D"? Thank you sooo much brother. Good to see you and I reeeally appreciate your insight and feedback.
  • 16/05 2011
    Soevad Creative Media

    Great piece, well done on the depth to the forest 5!
  • 14/05 2011
    Steve Stanley

    I too share and reflect what you've shared Andre'. Talent alone does not a work make. Time, practice, patience, and honest support all contribute in growing an individual pursuing art. Your comments are always well received. As soon as I can land
  • 14/05 2011
    Andre Alexander

    Thanks for visiting my efforts again, Steve. I appreciate it. I like to comment on the work of fellow artists as I know creating good art takes a lot of time in thought, application and dedication, not just talent alone. I always feel for those artists w
  • 12/05 2011
    Steve Stanley

    well, Barn, the composure is made up of a background, and thorns which were purchased through Renderosity, the model base was Daz 3d. They are rendered separately, then, brought into corel painter, and finished out with detailing. (that's the simplest
  • 12/05 2011
    David Neaves

    I don't understand how you composed this image Steve, but I do know I like it very much, the balance the subdued colours, the whole feeling of the piece is just right. 5**
  • 11/05 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...appreciate your echo of Andre's support Gary. I must say you have a intriguing viewpoint of your style in your profile: "...explores philisophical meanderings with abstract art". And each work stands on that foundation clearly. Your input is value
  • 11/05 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...indeed Andre'. It's been in the process for well over half a year by now. It has been set aside several times as other inspirations popped into mind. But finally, an acceptable realization of the concept emerged. Thanks for the resounding 5!! :
  • 10/05 2011
    gary kennedy

    yes, excellent!
  • 10/05 2011
    Andre Alexander

    Most excellent indeed, Steve. You are improving with every creation. I can see that there has been a lot of thought put into this one. Just love the detail and especially the dry branches. The backdrop is simply inspiring. A wonderful display of your impr