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Star Trek (the Original Series) Celebrates 45 years of "Boldly Going" where none had gone before. Seizing the opportunity to be apart of the occasion, I felt inspired to pay homage to one of the series enduring characters, "Spock". The work is comprised of mixed media, including chalks, pastels, airbrush and PS.
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  • 16/08 2012
    Steve Stanley

    ...appreciate the plus'. Been awhile since I was able to access the account, as has had been hacked (not fun). Hope all is well in your art endeavors and hope to upload latest works soon. Thanks again.
  • 17/05 2012
    guadalupe platero

    Excellent!!! +++++
  • 24/03 2012
    Steve Stanley

    ...glad you checked in "D", it's been a long while since I've posted, and I do check in from time to time. Glad to see my efforts are still getting noticed. I do hope to start up and create more soon.
  • 13/03 2012
    Soevad Creative Media

    Great color, love the shadows on the face. It captures the whole Spock person in this piece!
  • 08/03 2012
    Steve Stanley

    ...thank you so much Sarah. It is rare that my pen touches the pad lately, and it's encouraging to get this kinda support.
  • 08/03 2012
    Sarah Haras

    I do remember Spock and think you've captured him very well
  • 20/12 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ..appreciate every kind and generous word Andy, "Live Long, and Prosper" sir.
  • 20/12 2011
    Andrew Wells

    I'm huge fan of the series too...this is a brilliant representation of Spock...nicely done :)
  • 14/12 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...well Lee, if my fingers would actually "spock", I could return a "Live Longe and Prosper"...but, considering I have but words, they will have to suffice. (wow, what a long way around the block to say "thanks so much" for your visit and words of support
  • 30/09 2011
    Steve Stanley

    :) ...thanks Heather.
  • 29/09 2011
    Heather Nicholson

    Very Spock! And very well done :)
  • 21/09 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...and lest I forget you too Wicker. Man I'm really grateful you noted the work. And school is a challenge...but, in this economy, beefing things up with another degree can only help.
  • 21/09 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ..appreciate the look-see and the positive feedback Horus, it's truly amazing what transpired in this piece, as far as how things fell into place. Especially the tones and the depth of expression they enhanced. Your comment helps cement that a few of
  • 21/09 2011
    Willie Kendrick III

    Great work Hobie. I hope school is going well for you.
  • 21/09 2011
    Russell M. Hossain

    Brilliant Steve! I particularly love the rendering of the skin tone, and Spock's piercing eyes - Well Done!
  • 17/09 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...and the memories are as broad as the universe the series spans Raven. Thanks, as always, for your support and input.
  • 15/09 2011
    David Neaves

    Wow, this is great,you have really captured the chacracter and the likeness. It takes me back all those years. Well done Steve.5*
  • 13/09 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...always good to have your feedback Andre. And it's strong insights, thank you.
  • 13/09 2011
    Andre Alexander

    Great capture of an iconic character, Steve. The backdrop is wonderfully rendered and I like the way it is slightly superimposed on the portrait. Nice touch. You seem to improve with every work. Well done.
  • 12/09 2011
    Steve Stanley

    ...hey D.H., thanks for posting your support. I'm grateful for the time you took out to look. This work was completed a weeks back, just haven't signed it, as the main HP I work my pieces in committed suicide, cracking the screen. In any case, wan
  • 12/09 2011
    Dennis Huff

    Wonderful likeness, flesh tone and lighting. Excellent indeed.