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Russell M. Hossain

Member since: 21st Mar 2010
Location: London, U.K.
Occupation: Artist
Interests: Array
Website: http://www.sabertoothape.artworkfolio.com ; www.sabertoothape.designbinder.com ; www.cellophane-s.designbinder.com ; www.cellophane-s.deviantart.com
Bio: Jettisoned at birth from from his doomed home-planet, and raised on Earth by (marginally) human parents, Russell M. Hossain is a Storyboard Artist/Conceptual Visualiser - nay, cartoonist - based in London, England, prone to drawing for 'advertising/marketing/media types'- or indeed anyone else in need of some drawing 'affection'. Likes: Apes. Dislikes: The flagrant abuse and misuse of the 'APOSTROPHE'( and its tragic, slow demise ); unnecessary question inflections in speech; The cold. Motto: "Always Bet On Black"

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